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Other people’s recipes: Two disappointing bacon dishes from Deborah Krasner

Despite what it may sometimes seem from this blog, not every recipe I try turns out. Today I’m writing about two recipes from Deborah Krasner’s cookbook Good Meat, neither of which was worth the effort. I don’t know where either … Continue reading

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Long-term update: Braunekuchen and split-pea soup; also, yummy chocolate

Last month I made Diane Duane’s Braunekuchen and Joanne Chang’s split-pea soup. The Braunekuchen recipe says they get better if kept in a sealed container for a few weeks; I ate the last two earlier this week, but honestly did … Continue reading

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Joanne Chang’s (cafe’s) split-pea soup

As I promised a few days ago, I made the split-pea soup from Joanne Chang’s flour, too. Overall, I’m reasonably pleased with how it came out, although I might do a few things differently. (I should note that Chang does … Continue reading

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More recipe fun

A week ago, I promised an update on Diane Duane’s Tessinerbrot recipe (original recipe here). I’ve now eaten the whole loaf, which is at least one good sign. On the whole, it seemed like a fairly ordinary soft white sandwich … Continue reading

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