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A quick look at congestion tolling for Boston

I’ve written in these pages before about creating a cordon-type congestion charging zone (à la London) for Boston, and argued for it to be geographically quite large to reduce shunpiking. And I’ve also supported doubling the motor fuels tax — … Continue reading

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Transit funding for Massachusetts (and how to spend it)

Sorry folks, it’s going to be another long rant about public transportation in Massachusetts. I know this isn’t exactly what you signed up for, but it’s what you’re going to get until I manage to write something else. As I … Continue reading

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One more day in 2016 for charitable giving

If, like many people in the United States and elsewhere, you give money to charities at the end of the year, you have only a few hours left. (Note that for tax purposes, a gift made using a payment card … Continue reading

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Some surprising words of wisdom from Ron Unz

Conservative activist Ron Unz would not exactly be my go-to person for economic analysis, but Mike Konczal draws attention to a 2012 article of Unz’s making the conservative case for increasing the minimum wage. Some choice quotations (footnotes omitted): On … Continue reading

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The cost of public broadcasting

One morning this past week, I spent some time listening to BBC Radio 4 “open up”. (It was actually yesterday evening for me, because I was listening live, and 0520 BST, when Radio 4 switches from relaying BBC World Service … Continue reading

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What Congress should do now

In a statement today, the President spoke about what he wants to see from a long-term budget deal. But the voices of ordinary people ought to be heard, too, so here are my wishes, some of them process-related and some … Continue reading

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